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June 13
How to speed up boot time of your Desktop or Laptop?
Title: How to fasten boot-up time of your Desktop or Laptop?
Details: Are you experiencing performance issues either while your desktop or laptop is booting? or even after its booted? Read through!
What to Know:
  1. It could be hardware issues. Well, ofcourse not every one has the top of the line laptop's or desktop's to gain the performance. I myself have Core 2 Duo + 8GB RAM + 7200RPM HDD etc... Still boot time on my laptop is between 7-10mins while loading Windows 7 OS. Yes you read it correctly.
  2. There are many services that try to start automatically when the system boots. Find out what is really needed and what are not and either set them to either manual or disabled. Now, if absolutely you need those services then use 'Automatic Delay Start'. When you set this option on your services these will start exactly 2 mins after your entire machine boots.
  3. Know your system better - Run the Autoruns tool ( ) which would tell you very clearly about your system internals. This might give you a very clear picture what is going on behind your screen and using that information you can go ahead and probably unplug few things that you dont want.
  4. Run MSConfig and on Boot > Advanced Options - make sure you provide the maximum number of processors available to your system (default is 1).
  5. Uninstall unwanted softwares that you never use
  6. Limit startup applications
  7. Set up your virtual memory to 1.5times your RAM. For instance in my case, its 8GB RAM which makes my Virtual Memory Initial and Maximum to 8x1024x1.5=12288MB
  8. Check and turn off visual effects
  9. Disk Clean up frequently
  10. Also, try using Clean Up software by Steven Gould, you will be amazed to see how much space would be cleaned up
After doing the above, my laptop boots in less than a minute :-)


How to speed up boot time of your Desktop or Laptop?

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